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Freebord Review

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Freebord Review


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The Bottom Line

A freebord is an alternative skateboard created to simulate the feel of snowboarding on pavement closely as possible. On a Freebord, you can carve as well as slide just like on a snowboard.


  • You can keep control even under very high speeds because of the sliding ability and the skyhooks.


  • This is the only alternative skateboard that you can also catch an edge on.


  • Freebords simulate snowboarding on pavement
  • Perfect board for carving and sliding
  • Several deck shapes and sizes
  • Ridden using skyhook bindings
  • Warning - if you think catching an edge on a snowboard is easy then you probably shouldn’t be riding a freebord

Guide Review - Freebord Review

Freebord is unique from all other alternative skateboards in that you can slide. The two swiveling center castor wheels placed just inside the trucks make this possible. The castor wheels are raised slightly higher than the edge wheels so the board tips from one side to the other while riding enabling it to roll on the castor wheels so the board can slide where the rider directs it as on a snowboard. They have two different branded wheels developed specifically for Freebord - one for freestyle and one for downhill (with a third style of wheel currently in development).

Freebord makes several sized decks, such as 75cm, 80cm, and 85cm to suit everyone's body size and riding style. These decks are available in both bamboo and Canadian maple. Freebords are usually ridden with skyhook bindings to give the rider extra carving ability while riding by allowing extra pressure to be exerted on the edges of the board. Freebords are considered 'safer' than most longboards and skateboards as the sliding of the Freebord gives the rider the ability to come to a complete stop in a matter of seconds if needed.

The one downside to the Freebord, because it is so much like a snowboard, riders can catch an edge just like on a snowboard, and pavement is less forgiving than the snow. To help against this problem, skyhooks do not cover the entire foot, allowing the rider to jump of or bail if he/she loses control. Helmets are always encouraged!

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