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New Skateboarding App Opens Skatepark Possibilities

Nike SB’s new skateboarding app will turn skateparks into real-world video games. REad more about it here in this skateboarding news report by nike skateboarding.

Danny Way Jumps the Great Wall of China

Danny Way Jumps Great Wall of China, breaking a world record! Read about the jump, the records broken, and more! Find out more about Danny Way jumping the great wall, about Danny Way, and find links to web cams, Danny Way's site, and more.

The Largest Skatepark / Action Sports Facility in the World

A description of the largest skateboard park in the entire world, how it was designed and built.

Wild Grinders Cartoon

Rob Dyrdek brings a cartoon comedy, set against the exciting backdrop of the sport of skateboarding, to Nicktoons with the new series, Wild Grinders. Inspired by Dyrdek's real-life experiences, each original half-hour episode follows the adventures of a group of friends... read more about Wild Grinders Cartoon!

Should Skaters Wear Pads? An Alternative Perspective

Andrew, a reader, disagrees with my take on wearing skateboarding pads, and wrote a very thoughtful letter to me explaining his viewpoint. I think it's worth sharing, so here it is!

Bob Burnquist's Dreamland

Wondering how the undisputed king of the MegaRamp follows up on five consecutive X Games Skateboard Big Air wins? "Dreamland" is Bob Burnquist's first full video part since the 2009 Flip Skateboards team video "Extremely Sorry," and it's a game-changer... (read more)

ESPN Selects Austin, Texas, to Host X Games in North America

ESPN, the leading action sports content provider and creator of the X Games, has chosen Austin, Texas, as the next North American host city for the X Games. The Texas capital will host an X Games summer event for four years beginning in May 2014 at the new 1,500-acre Circuit of The Americas sports and entertainment complex in southeast Austin. The selection follows a highly competitive... (read more)

2013 Street League Portland

Monster Energy's Chris Cole battled to a 2nd place finish in a hotly contested final as the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) World Tour descended on Portland. It’s the second-straight podium finish for Cole, who just last month won SLS during X Games Munich. REad more!

13th Annual Zumiez Couch Tour

13th Annual Zumiez Couch Tour - an epic day filled with buzz-worthy live music, pro skateboard demos, celebrity meet and greets, am skateboard contests, DIY activities, and free giveaways from amazing sponsors. Read more about the 13th Annual Zumiez Couch Tour.

Street League Skateboarding to Combine with X Games

X Games and Street League Skateboarding combine forces this year, 2013. Check out this article to find out more, to see which skaters are involved, and to see a schedule for the 2013 X Games!

Sharkwheels Reinvent the Skateboarding Wheel

An inventor has re-invented the skateboarding wheel. His crazy and radically innovative designs look like a squiggly cube! The wheels, are called Shark Wheels. The wheels look completely different and show superior performance over the normal skateboarding wheel. Read this news report to find out more about shark wheels!

Sports Mindset Gameplan Book - Author Interview

Recently Winells has adopted a book called the Sports Mindset Gameplan - a sort of book and workbook in one, that helps athletes to really see what they are doing, and how to get their head in the right place to succeed. And, as you probably know, with skateboarding where your head is at is EVERYTHING.

Interview with William Spencer

Interview with William Spencer - William Spencer is an internationally renowned skateboarder, stunt actor and director. He worked on skate stunts and stunt-doubling for movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man, Project X, Jonah Hex, CSI: NY and The Kids Are All Right. William Spencer has traveled all over the world and carved out a niche in story-telling that uses motion and action to help people feel stories in a different way. William Spencer has been widely recognized in the skateboarding sub-culture as a master of his art. He has worked with Richie Jackson, The Berrics and Substance Over Hype to produce skate videos over the past few years, many of which have gone viral.

BoardPusher Custom Skateboard Decks

BoardPusher is a company that offers custom printed skateboards with whatever graphics on them that YOU choose. This means, you can make your deck look like … anything you want! To try this out, I jumped onto the BoardPusher website, and created a deck for myself. I wanted to see how good the quality was, and how easy it was to use their tools – and I was very impressed. Read this article about BoardPusher custom skateboard decks for more...

How to Get a Skatepark Built in Your Town

Getting a skatepark built in your town probably feels like an impossible hurdle. However, it CAN be done! Skateparks are popping up all over the world, with thousands in the US alone. How do you get a skatepark built in your town? It's actually not that huge of a task. It'll take some work, but the work is worth it. Read How to Get a Skatepark Built in Your Town to find out more...

Owning Skateboard Ramps and Obstacles 101

Having your own skateboard ramps and obstacles at home is a great idea. You can skate on them any time you want, position them to practice stuff on over and over without being bothered, and even set them up in your garage and skate on them when it’s raining or cold out! Buy what about the laws and rules involved? Read this article for help with buying or building a ramp or obstacle, and help with understanding the rules and laws involved.

2012 Dew Tour Toyota Championships

2012 Dew Tour Toyota Championships - The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships will be showcased across 11 broadcast hours on NBC and NBC Sports Network and across an all-new digital platform with live streaming, plus exclusive behind the scenes and in-depth content on dewtour.com.

From Swords to Plowshares

New Tungsten Skate Bearings Provide Skateboarders With Improved Technology While at the Same Time Promote Unique Peace Initiative Churchill Manufacturing has just introduced Tungsten Bearings. These bearings are unusual for many different reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they are found in classified military weaponry.

2012 Rob Dyrdek's Street League Skateboarding Championship

Rob Dyrdek's Street League Skateboarding Championship - Street League Skateboarding (SLS) is the premier professional skateboarding contest series worldwide. Founded by 20-year professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek, Street League features 24 of the world's top street skateboarders competing exclusively for a groundbreaking $1.6 million

Skateboarding for Peace in the Middle East

Skateboarding for Peace! What would happen if you took 30 skateboards and 30 helmets and brought them to kids in Israel and the Palestinian Territories? A group of skaters did just that - this is their story!

Street League Skateboarding - Glendale, AZ - Final Results

The 2012 DC Street League's final stop was a huge success, setting up for the 2012 Street League Finals. Fans were on the edge of their seats during the last section of the finals as Rodriguez went trick for trick with Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, and Shane O’Neill.

Windells Skateboarding Boarding School

Windells is located on Mount Hood in Oregon, close to Portland. Windells offers skate specific programs December through August, plus snowboarding and skiing camps throughout the year. They have holiday, winter, spring, and summer camps for all ages and abilities, including adult-only classes. The classes run about a week long each.

Longboarding For Peace In The Middle East

Longboarding For Peace In The Middle East - Search-Spark-Stoke Tour 2012 Coming to Israel and the West Bank. A unique peace building initiative will take place throughout the month of July, bringing the joys of longboard skateboarding to children and teens in Israel and the West Bank.

2012 Street League Schedule

2012 Street League Schedule - The Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy continues to present the largest purse and highest stakes in all of competitive skateboarding with 24 of the best professional skateboarders in the world competing for more than $1.6MM in prize money and the title as Street League Champion.

2012 Dew Tour New Format and Schedule

2012 Dew Tour New Format and Schedule - The Dew Tour announces their 2012 schedule and new format. Check out the official release here for complete info.

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