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Steve Caballero Bio - Steve Caballero Pro Skateboarder Profile
Steve Caballero was sponsored just one year after he started skateboarding. He's friendly, happy, and extremely talented. Steve invented several tricks, the most ...
CD Review - Steve Caballero Bandology Vol.1 - Skateboarding
This CD is a collection of music from four bands that Steve Caballero was involved in - The Faction, Odd Man Out, Shovelhead and Soda. (bands spanning from ...
Caballerial - Skateboarding Dictionary / Caballerial Trick
Steve Caballero invented and named the trick in 1981. Steve first performed the Caballerial in pools and on ramps, but the trick has evolved quite a bit in the last  ...
Pro Skateboarders Profiles & Bios - Skateboarding - About.com
Steve Caballero Bio - Steve Caballero Pro Skateboarder Profile - Steve Caballero was sponsored just one year after he started skateboarding. He's friendly ...
Top Ten Skateboarding Movies - About.com
The Bones Brigade (Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike ... from the 80's, like Tony Alva, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero.
Beginner Skateboarders Introduction and Help Guide - Skateboarding
Skateboarding Gear - beginners skateboarding guide - Steve Cave. Steve Cave ... Skateboarding Dictionary - Steve Cave ... Steve Caballero - Jamie O'Clock.
Why is Naming Skateboarding Tricks So Confusing?
A lot of skateboarding tricks got named after the skater who invented them, like Christian Hosoi's "Christ Air" or Steve Caballero's "Caballerial". The McTwist is ...
The Six Most Influential Skateboarders of All Time - Skateboarding
Dec 13, 2010 ... Steve Caballero said, "It's an honor for me to be here and I wanted to make sure what I said tonight would have meaning and come from my ...
Top Best Skateboarders of All Time - Skateboarding - About.com
... The Top Best Skaters of All Time. Responses: 108. By Steve Cave ... Steve Caballero should be on everyones list. Ditto for Christian Hosoi. —Guest DDN.
Bucky Lasek Profile - Bucky Lasek Pro Skater Stats and Bio
His first skateboard was a Steve Caballero pro Powell deck - and Powell became his first sponsor in 1990. Unfortunately, that was when vert skateboarding took ...
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