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Ollie on a Ramp - Skateboarding - About.com
Ollie on a Ramp - Learn how to Ollie on a Ramp - skateboarding trick tips. Ramps come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and if you ride them, you are eventually ...
Vert Skateboarding Tricks - Trick Tips for Vert Ramp Skateboarding
Vert skateboarding tricks help, instructions and step by step tips. Vert skateboarding can be tough, and takes a lot of practice - learn how to ride a vert ramp in ...
How To Drop In on a Skateboard at a Skatepark or Ramp
Learning to drop in at the skatepark or on a ramp is one of the hardest things to master in skateboarding. However, if you are going to learn to skateboard at the ...
How to Pump - Pumping Skateboards on Ramps Trick Tip
Learning to pump in a skateboard ramp isn't very tough, and it's VERY important to learn how to do! "Pumping" is where a skater on a ramp uses the ramp's ...
Vert Skateboarding Basics – Just Starting Out
Vert is the name for skateboarding on the huge half pipe ramps, like you see in big skateboarding competitions like the X Games. Riding vert ramps is a lot of fun  ...
How to Build a Skateboard/BMX Kicker Ramp - Skateboarding
How to Build a Skateboard Kicker Ramp - A kicker skateboard ramp is one of the easier ramps to build, and doesn't take that much money. Kicker ramps are also ...
Drop In - How to Drop In a Ramp on a Skateboard Video
Are you ready to stop looking and start dropping in? Skating on a ramp can seem intimidating at first, but if you put your mind to it, and take a look at tips from the ...
Rock to Fakie - Learn how to Rock to Fakie - skateboarding trick tips
Step by step instructions on the rock to fakie skateboarding ramp / vert / miniramp / quarterpipe of halfpipe lip trick. Learn about foot placement for the rock to ...
Vert Skateboarding Basics - About.com
Now, you have your gear, your board, and you are finally at the vert ramp! Sweet! The next part is fun – you want to learn to fall. When vert skateboarding, you ...
How To Drop In on a Skateboard at a Skatepark or Ramp - Set a Line
Setting up your skateboarding line is important when learning to drop in. Learning to drop in at the skatepark or on a ramp is one of the hardest things to master ...
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