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Vans TNT - Tony Trujillo signature model

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Vans TNT

The Bottom Line

These skate shoes re-invent a classic Vans look with new materials and style. Vans TNTs are light, comfortable, and skateable. They aren't the most high tech skate shoes on the market, but that's not their purpose - they provide small advances to an already established, proven skateboarding shoe. If you like the look and feel of Vans, you're going to love the new TNTs. Furthermore, with Tony Trujillo's style suggestions, you're guaranteed to find something that will fit your unique tastes.


  • Style - a vintage style re-built with unique colors and materials by Tony Trujillo
  • Tony Trujillo pro signature model
  • Comfortable - the shoes are light, with good padding for the sole


  • Some of the styles will get ripped up quickly from skating
  • No real special hype or new features - but these are a re-make of a vintage shoe, so this is good!


  • Tony Trujillo signature model
  • Styles feature cracked leather, Italian leather, full grain nubuck and PU coated nubuck
  • Wider design has a more relaxed, comfortable fit
  • "The contemporary classic with rockstar attitude"

Guide Review - Vans TNT - Tony Trujillo signature model

These shoes rock. In fact, that's about the best way to put it. Tony Trujillo has a sweet sense of style - very rockstar.

But first, let's talk a little about how good these shoes are for skating. They are a re-visit to a vintage Vans style. Some of the materials have been improved, and the sole has been updated with a "supportive cupsole". It's comfortable. I was a little nervous about the "re-inventing an old style" idea - often, when you mess with something that's already great, you just end up mucking it up. But with the TNTs, the only changes are improvements.

The style did change, though - quite a bit! These shoes look totally unique, with a strong loud attitude. The leather uppers are made of stronger leathers and nubuck than the shoe's predecessors, with bold color schemes and materials. There's even more styles on the way - the TNTs are some of the coolest skate shoes I've seen.

A couple of drawbacks have to be mentioned though. One is that some of the cooler styles will get ripped up quick from flip tricks and ollies. However, there are styles with more reinforced materials as well, so if you are planning on wearing these for heavy skating, just get the ones that match what you want to do. Another drawback is that the laces are wimpy and exposed to wear. They aren't as bad as some I've seen, but for super serious aggressive skaters, you'll be replacing your laces quickly.

A small price to pay, however - these shoes are great, and I highly recommend them.

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