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Vans Dr. T review - Tony Trujillo signature skate shoes

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Vans Dr T

The Bottom Line

Tony Trujillo has a loud, strong, fast skating style, as can be seen in the style of his signature shoes. Like the Vans TNTs, Dr. Ts have a rock star attitude, but they go even further in their style and features. Dr. Ts come in loud two tone styles, and are available in low and high top.


  • Tony Trujillo pro signature model
  • Skatable - strong upper, heel airbag, tongue stabalisers, etc add quietly to the Dr. Ts skatability
  • Style - two tone color designs are loud, strong and cool


  • No special ollie pannels or lace protection
  • Very little arch support - you'll want to use inserts if you have high arches


  • Tony Trujillo pro signature model
  • Upper comes in various suedes and leathers
  • PU midsole with a heel air bag
  • Two tone colors, such as pearl grey / red earth, purple / white, navy / white, black / ice gray...
  • Available in most sizes, 6/1/04, with more styles in the fall of 04

Guide Review - Vans Dr. T review - Tony Trujillo signature skate shoes

Dr. Ts have a bold style, but don't let the style distract you from their subtle skate features. These are good skate shoes.

As far as skatability goes, Dr. Ts provide everything you need. Available in a variety of suedes and leathers, Dr. Ts come double stitched with a triple stitched reinforced toe cap. The shoes also feature a PU midsole and an airbag in the heel to help with high impacts, and to add to the shoes comfort. Dr. Ts are built long and narrow - if you have wide feet, you might want to check out the TNTs instead.

These shoes do provide some good comfort. Vans has a history of providing comfortable shoes that don't look huge, bulky or that advertise their features. Dr. Ts have some features that add to their comfort, but none of these stand out obviously when you look at the shoes. What you do notice when you see these shoes is their style.

And that's where Tony Trujillo provides the inspiration that made the TNTs so popular. The Dr. Ts come in two tones, each having it's own rockstar statement (like "purple and white" or "Black and Mosaic Blue"). Dr. Ts also come in high tops, which give them a slick 80s retro look.

These shoes can be used for aggressive skating, but they will get ripped up - which will make them look even cooler, in my opinion. These are good skate shoes, they have all that you want for skating, and sort of smack you upside the head when you look at them. looking unique but not ridiculous is a hard balance, and these shoes do a great job.

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