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Osiris Ali pro model skate shoes (Ali Boulala pro model)

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Osiris Ali pro skate shoe

The Bottom Line

The Osiris Ali is a very unique, quality skate shoe. Designed by pro skater Ali Boulala, The Ali is made of sturdy action leather and double stitched. The best part of the shoe is it's style - the thick soles with accent leather strips woven into the toes and the sides along with bright stitched Ali logo give the shoes a great look. These shoes aren't for heavy skating, though they should be just fine for moderate street or park riding.
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  • Solid, sturdy construction with double stitched leather uppers and solid rubber soles
  • Very stylish - the Osiris Alis have a cool, unique look
  • Ali Boulala signature model


  • These shoes are more for style than agressive skating
  • The stock laces are thin and very exposed to wear


  • Sturdy leather double stitched upper
  • Triple stitched toe cap
  • Tongue straps for holding the wearer's foot and to add stability
  • Solid thick heavy rubber sole
  • Excellent style - white with black and red, Black with white and red, or blue with black
  • Stitched logos and accents, rather than printed
  • Padded heel cuff
  • High arch support

Guide Review - Osiris Ali pro model skate shoes (Ali Boulala pro model)

These shoes look very cool - Ali Boulala has a great sense for making good looking shoes.

First off, let's look at how comfortable these shoes are. They have moderate sole padding, but a nice high arch support. That's rare in a lot of skate shoes. The Alis also feature a padded ankle cuff, padded tongue and stablising tongue straps.

Next, skatability. The Alis aren't bad for skating, but skate features do take a back seat to style. The soles are thick and stompable, but aren't scored for flexibility - and the tread is simple, without any mixed rubbers for greater grip, or any other special features. The stock laces are also thin and weak, and very exposed. They'll wear quickly.

However, the shoes make up for a lot of this with style. The three different color schemes each look different and very cool. The leather strips woven into the sides and toes are sturdy as well. The white model looks the sturdiest, but like usual, the white will pick up stains quickly - try the black or blue shoes.

The Osiris Alis just plain look awesome. If you're looking for solid skate shoes to get aggressive with, these might not be the shoes for you. However, if you want to look good and skate some, you'll love the Osiris Alis.

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