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Lozin Copers

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Lozin Coper

The Bottom Line

Copers are truck covers that allow skaters to slide further, more smoothly, and with less damage to curbs and the environment while protecting your trucks. Lozin Copers are a reinvention of an old school idea - back in the day, copers where the norm. Either you made your own or used Tracker trucks that used special fitted copers. Either way they weren't the best, and copers went out of style along with a lot of what skateboarding looked like back then. And now, Lozin is bringing copers back.


  • Copers allow you to slide 2 to 3 times further
  • Adds life to your trucks - new trucks last longer and old trucks can be ground again and again
  • Environmentally friendly - cuts down the damage to curbs and other surfaces drastically


  • Copers don't work well with street riding - rocks and stuff can get in the way
  • Lozin Copers don't fit all trucks types
  • They wear through fairly fast - this is good because it equals smooth grinds, but copers aren't free


  • Injection molded using Advanced Plastics (bullet proof glass) - the most advanced plastics available
  • Less wax needed, as the plastics allow skaters to hit most surfaces smoothly
  • Reduces environmental damage by 90%
  • Easy to take off and put on, using easy to replace plastic zip-ties
  • At any skill level copers will improve your sliding and grinding
  • Grind two to three times further
  • Lozin is owned and operated by a skateboarding family - buying Lozin supports small skate companies
  • Available for low Tensor, Indy, low Venture, Royal, Grind King and high Destructo trucks
  • Other trucks may work as well - check the Lozin website or contact Lozin for specific trucks
  • Available in blue, black, red and green - and soon more interesting variations as well!

Guide Review - Lozin Copers

Street skating has been getting kicked around a lot lately, being blamed for a lot of damage. True, grinding does mess up a lot of curbs (with the help of bikes and other sports), but copers change all that. With copers on your trucks, you grind a curb and leave nothing but plastic shavings behind that wipe off easily.

Besides being environmentally friendly, copers also make sliding and grinding easier. The roughest curb is no problem, and the ride is smooth. If you don't grind much, copers are a perfect way to learn and improve, and if you already do lots of sliding and grinding, copers actually increase your distance 2 to 3 times!

So, drawbacks? Well, copers are low and do get caught on rocks and other debris on the road - this isn't a problem is you skate in parks, but if you ride the streets, you'll want to take them off. But that's not really a problem. Lozin Copers are designed to be able to be taken off and put back on easily. A second drawback is that the copers do wear through quickly, but that's important for smooth grinds.

Lozin copers are an old idea that makes sense to revive. You may have a hard time shelling out the cash for something that you're going to grind away, but copers both lengthen the life of your trucks and lengthen the distance of your grinds and slides! Try out a pair of Lozin copers and see what you think.

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