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Globe Trans Element Flare skate shoe

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Globe TE Flare SMALL

The Bottom Line

Globe's Trans Element Flare skate shoes are a strange mix between a skate shoe and a running shoe. They have a unique style, with a long narrow sole that works well for running, tough lace loops that protect the laces, and earthy color schemes. However, skating will burn these shoes up quickly. Not just heavy skating, but even light skating - ollies will shred the soft suede, and the grip on the sole doesn't hold grip tape well. These shoes are nice, but only for a specific type of skater.


  • Versatility - the Trans Element Flare's design makes it able to be used for both skating and running
  • Style - The Flare looks unique, somewhere between a skate shoe, a street shoe and a hiker


  • Not optimal for skating - these shoes aren't durable enough for heavy skating, and the tread is odd


  • Combination tumbled leather / mesh and suede mesh upper
  • Pigskin interior lining
  • Nylon heel pull tab
  • One piece folded ghillie lacing system - protects the laces, and makes the shoe easy to adjust
  • Durable cord laces
  • Die-cut EVA midsole
  • Cub sole
  • Available in several styles

Guide Review - Globe Trans Element Flare skate shoe

The Flare is the perfect shoe for someone. A very specific someone. It has some of the features of a skate shoe, but also other features that in some ways enhance it, and in some ways cripple it.

First, the good stuff. The Flare is nice and light, made with a soft suede upper, thinner tongue and light weight sole. The shoes won't weight down your feet like other bulkier skate shoes.

Furthermore, the shoes have soles that make them good for streets, dirt, running, climbing -- all that. However, the pattern doesn't grip skateboards very well. Definitely not as well as flat soled skate shoes. This can make some tricks difficult.

The main problem with these shoes is their durability. The upper is thin, and scuffed up a ton on our tester's first ollie. These shoes won't withstand heavy skating.

But these shoes aren't made for heavy skating - they're made to be a bridge between skate shoes and walking shoes. The soles aren't optimal for skating, but they are generally flat, and would work far better for skating than regular tennis shoes. The upper is weak and will scuff and wear through fast, but if you aren't a very aggressive skater, and perform few flip tricks, this shoe would work well.

So, the key is, if you are a skater who performs few ollies or flip tricks, and you want a good looking shoe that works for skating as well for walking, running, hiking - whatever, then the Flare is the shoe for you.

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