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Fallen Scout - Jamie Thomas signature model

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Fallen Scout

The Bottom Line

The Fallen Scout is a reinvention of a classic mid-top skate shoe. Featuring synthetic suede, nubuck or leather, the Scout is comfortable and strong. It's also very skatable, with reinforced ollie areas and sticky gum sole for grip. Not the most advanced of the Fallen Jamie Thomas Signature Model series, the Scout is a shoe that you're either going to love for it's uniqueness, or pass up in favor of the Heritage or the Rival.


  • Re-invention of a classic style mid-top skate shoe - unique look and style
  • High quality - soft, durable, and reinforced
  • Jamie Thomas signature model


  • Not as many features as the other Jamie Thomas signature models - still plenty though!
  • If you aren't into mid-top skate shoes, you might find these uncomfortable


  • Jamie Thomas signature model
  • Soft synthetic nubuck, leather, or suede upper for comfort and durability
  • Metal eyelets on the medial upper for ventilation
  • Lightly foam-padded tongue (with tongue straps) and collar for stability and support
  • Sticky gum rubber herring bone sole for grip and flex
  • Available in 3 color styles - Black, chocolate, and White (the white looks especially slick)

Guide Review - Fallen Scout - Jamie Thomas signature model

First off, let me say that the Scout is a great skate shoe. It's not exactly my style, but it's still a solid, high quality skate shoe.

It's comfortable - made from soft synthetic nubuck, leather or suede. It's not a puffy padded skate shoe though. The tongue and heel collar are lightly foam-padded, and the sole doesn't have an airbag, or a gel pack, or any other fancy features to make it more comfortable. The scout is a mid-top style skate shoe, for skaters who want to feel their board when they ride.

The mid-top style is both cool and not. I like it because of it's uniqueness, and the bit of old school feeling, and the higher top means that the shoe stays on your foot even without all the padding to hold it on. However, I'm not into feeling the edge of the shoe when I bend my ankle to the side, and all those special skate shoe features that the other Fallen shoes have are really kinda nice. The Scout doesn't have reinforced lace eyelets, any special toe cap, and the logos are printed on rather than stitched.

However, the Scout is perfect for skating, and has it's own personality. It features reinforced ollie areas, metal reinforced eyelets on the sides for ventilation, and the thinner sole and sides allow you to feel your board more. If you're looking for something unique, that's not a puffy padded skate shoe, and that let's you feel your board, the Scout is perfect for you. The Fallen Scout is a great reinvention of a classic mid-top style skate shoe.

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