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Shoe Review - Fallen Heritage

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Fallen Heritage

The Bottom Line

The Fallen Heritage is well made, packed with high quality materials, and very comfortable. If any show in the Fallen line up displays the craftsmanship and technical expertise that Jamie Thomas is bringing to the table, it's the Heritage. Not as heavy and aggressive as the Rival, the Heritage goes for simplicity, technicality, comfort and a quiet style that make these shoes very desirable.


  • Jamie Thomas signature model, from Jamie Thomas's own line, Fallen
  • High quality, good looking, comfortable skate shoe - it's got it all
  • Unique - Fallen shoes are only sold at specialty skate shop


  • Fallen shoes are only sold at certain shops, so you might have to travel to find a pair
  • The front laces have no special protection, and will get worn


  • Jamie Thomas signature model
  • Soft synthetic suede or leather upper
  • Abrasion-resistant thermo plastic toe cap for protection
  • Metal eyelets on the medial upper for ventilation and strength
  • Thermoplastic rubber heel stabilizer and added heel support
  • Thick padded tongue with stabilizing straps, plus thick padded heel collar add comfort and support
  • Soft EVA insole with gel heel pad for impact cushioning
  • Full length latex layer on EVA midsole provides extra comfort and shock absorption
  • Sticky gum rubber herring bone sole for grip and flex
  • Available in 4 styles - black, white, dark gray and black, and navy

Guide Review - Shoe Review - Fallen Heritage

When Jamie Thomas decided to start up a shoe line, he apparently decided to make the best. The Fallen shoes are well made and high quality, and the Jamie Thomas signature models are worth the name. In many ways, the Heritage is the most versatile balanced of the signature models.

With a traditional look and style, the Heritage has all the features you'd want plus some. The upper comes made from either soft leather or suede - this is nice and comfortable. Add in a thick padded tongue, heel collar, tongue straps, and gel heel pad, and you have a nice, comfortable shoe.

But the Heritage is more than just comfort and style - it's highly skateable. The soles are gummy and scored for flexibility, and the toe cap is covered with abrasion resistant thermo-plastic to help protect the shoe and grip your board. There are even little plastic loops near the top lace eyelets that can protect your laces during heelflips, or used to make your laces more snug. A little odd, but it's something.

The only drawback to these shoes is that they aren't made for heavy duty aggressive skating. The front laces are exposed and will get worn down from tricks, and there's no special grip added to help with flip tricks. If you are looking for high quality aggressive skating Fallen shoes, try out the Rival model. The Heritage is more balanced between skateablility, style and comfort - and it does an excellent job. Fallen put a lot into these shoes, and it shows.

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