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Shoes - Etnies Lo-Cut 3

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Etnies Lo-Cut 3 skate shoes

Etnies Lo-Cut 3

The Bottom Line

Etnies Lo-Cut 3s are light weight skate shoes with style and a low profile for more flexibility. Awesome bright and bold colors and designs combine with a flat thinner sole for a more intuitive interaction with your board.
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  • Bright and bold design
  • Strong sturdy construction with action leather upper and triple stitched toe
  • Light - Etnies Lo-Cut 3s are made lightweight


  • Simple - no airbags, kickflip panels, fancy pull tabs, puffy tounge, special rubber...
  • Flat sole provides more contact with the board, but less shock resistance. It's a trade off.


  • Action leather upper is strong and flexible
  • Suede sections add style with strength
  • Lower cut for more freedom in motion, as well as style
  • Lightweight construction for less drag on your feet
  • Elastic tongue-centering straps
  • Awesome use of color and design make these shoes some of the coolest looking around

Guide Review - Shoes - Etnies Lo-Cut 3

Etnies has a strong name and image in the skateboarding industry for a while now, and their spring 2004 lineup is looking strong as ever. One of these new styles is the Etnies Lo-Cut 3, a skate shoe with a long heritage of its own. Lo-Cuts one and two were both great shoes, simple, comfortable, strong and light, with a lower ankle cut for more freedom. Lo-Cut 3s are the next level.

These shoes are well built and strong, making good on the Etnies name. Also, take a look at these shoe's style. Etnies Lo-Cut 3s look awesome! The colors are strong - they yell "HEY, LOOK!", but not in an obnoxious way. I fell in love with the way these shoes looked the first time I saw them. They're bold and clean cut. It's a hard combo to pull off, but Etnies Lo-Cut 3s do it perfectly.

Something to pay attention to is the flatness of the soles. Lo-Cut 3s are made simple and solid, so they stay light, but also without too think of a sole. You should really be able to feel the board through your feet in these, but make sure that that's what you want. Lo-Cut 3s don't offer as much as a puffy shoe in shock absorption with high tech airbags and the like. The soles are made to absorb more shock than a lot of other flat shoes, but you make the trade with these shoes of high tech air bags and super padding for light weight control and feeling. Depending on how you skate or what you want the shoes for, this could be a great trade.

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