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Shoes - Es McCrank 3, Rick McCrank's signature model

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Es McCrank pro model skate shoe

Es McCrank Pro Model

The Bottom Line

The Es McCrank 3s go for a simple, low cut flat classy look and feel. They are quality, and a pro model, but make sure that simple and flat soles are what you like before you buy them. Also, they may wear out fast if you skate heavily, depending on your style and aggressiveness.


  • Leather upper, flexible strong and looks nice
  • Thinner flatter sole enhances the skaters feel of the board
  • Rick McCrank's sigature pro model


  • With the suede toe cap, there's not as much to protect the shoe from skate wear as many may want
  • Sole padding is thin and flat - for some skaters, this is a pro instead of a con!


  • Rick McCrank signature pro model
  • All leather upper
  • Thick padded heel collar
  • Padded tounge with elastic centering straps
  • Classy simple muted colors and design look good

Guide Review - Shoes - Es McCrank 3, Rick McCrank's signature model

The McCrank 3 is Es footwear's new spring 2004 signature pro model for team rider Rick McCrank.

The shoe offers a stylish low profile with an all leather upper. A subtle stitched graphic of a raincloud on the side and the name "McCRANK" across the tongue add to the quiet confident look of the shoes.

This is a classy looking shoe, but watch for wear. If you're the kind of skateboarder who rips up your shoes by doing flip tricks and the like, these shoes may not last you too long. The upper is all leather with a nice wide suede toecap, which should be able to take a beating, but without any special rubber panels to keep the shoes safe, I'd be a little concerned. However, if you've skated much, you know that no shoe is really safe, it's just how long you want your shoes to last, and what you are buying your shoes for. If you want to skate around town, or have shoes mostly for walking and only occasional skateboarding, these shoes are more than enough. It all depends on your style and how aggressively you skate

] The shoes are also fairly flat soled. I'm not as big a fan of flat soled shoes, but some skaters swear by them. They say that the thinner the sole, the more you can feel the board when you ride. This is a great point, and if you haven't tried a pair of thinner soled shoes you should. If this style is what you like, these shoes are a good bet. They're solid, stylish, and on the quieter side. They let your skating speak instead of your clothes.

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