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Shoes - Emerica Dorsa

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Emerica Dorsa skateboarding shoes 2004

Emerica Dorsa

The Bottom Line

Emerica's new Dorsa comes with everything you need. It's a strong stitched puffy / padded skateboarding shoe made with the best materials and designed for skating. If you're looking for a quality shoe that will perform well with versatility, check out the Dorsa.


  • Strong stitched action leather construction
  • Good arch support
  • Thick padded tongue and padded heel collar design work well with permanently tieing off the laces


  • Somewhat plain style


  • Strong all action leather upper
  • Thick padded tounge with elastic centering straps
  • Heavily padded heel collar holds foot steady
  • Heel air bag, to cushion impact
  • Good arch support

Guide Review - Shoes - Emerica Dorsa

Spring 2004 will see a new shoe lineup for Emerica, with the Dorsa is joining the team. The Dorsa is a strong skate shoe produced through years of Emerica's experience in bringing quality to the table.

There's a lot of variety in skate shoes, but it seems that the two most popular styles are the puffy skate shoe and the flat skate shoe. Puffy shoes provides unmatched comfort plus extra bells and whistles for shock absorption and wear protection, while flat shoes provide light weight control and an unmatched ability to actually feel the board. Emerica's new Dorsa would fit in the puffy shoe category, with a solid sole and skate style.

The shoe has a strong stitched design (double stitched in many places and triple across the toes), with an all action leather upper. This shoe will remain flexible and sturdy through a good deal of skating wear and tear.

Dorsas also feature a lot of comfort, from the padding in the tongue and heel collar for support, to arch support inside the shoe. Being that these shoes .

The only drawback is that these shoes are fairly normal skateboarding shoes. There's not much in the "bells and whistles" category, but, that's not a bad thing! The shoes are solid, and provide what they are supposed to provide.

The Dorsa is a good, strong, comfortable skate shoe. The style and colors may or may not be your cup of tea, but the shoe is a good design. Check 'em out.

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