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Shoes - DC H2Zero Alias

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DC Shoe Co USA H2Zero Alias

The Bottom Line

The Alias is a great shoe of it's own accord, with all the versatility of a skate / running shoe. The H2Zero treatment is a huge added bonus - making the shoe water resistant, and a must have for anyone living in an area with much rain, snow, slush - anything wet. The only drawback is the low cut - a bonus for flexibility, but a negative if you're thinking you're going to walk through deep snow with these shoes. But then, they aren't boots you can skate in, but instead shoes you can get wet in.


  • H2Zero treatment protects the shoe from water and snow
  • Low cut design proides more freedom for running and skating
  • Color design is simple but eye-catching


  • The low cut design means that the shoes are good for rain, but snow can get in at the ankles
  • Like most DCs, the soles are fairly flat. If you have high arches, you might be uncomfortable


  • H2Zero water resistant treatment
  • Heavy-duty water resistant oil nubuck for durability and protection
  • Heavy-duty water resistant mesh
  • Foam padded tongue and collar add comfort and support
  • Perfomalite midsole provides extra cushioning with less weight
  • Sticky rubber bottom for added traction and technical control
  • Tricot lining is soft and light
  • Cool color design calls attention, but not by looking stupid

Guide Review - Shoes - DC H2Zero Alias

I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, so I know rain and snow. These shoes are a dream. You know how nice it is, to be able to walk outside and not have to worry about getting my feet soaked? I field tested these shoes in the slushy snow of Spokane Washington, and not only did they keep my feet completely dry, but I even got complimented on how "clean" they looked! Oh man ... I can't say it enough. The H2Zero treatment is a brilliant idea.

But what about the shoe as a shoe? Well, the Alias was an established design before it was chosen for the H2Zero treatment - it's a great shoe of it's own accord. The Alias is a basic shoe, with a low cut design for more flexibility, and the tread is versatile for both skating and running. It's a good looking, comfortable, solid shoe.

The H2Zero treatment involves water-resistant oil nubuck, heavy-duty water resistant mesh, and internal tongue gussets to prevent water seepage. It's more than a simple spray - the H2Zero treatment speaks to how the shoe is actually made.

These shoes are the perfect all around shoe - you can skate in them, run in them, and not worry about rain or snow. The tread is flat enough to skate, but has more depth than most skate shoes so you should be able to navigate snow. Now these are not rain boots or snow boots - they're shoes that resist the elements so they should last longer and keep you dryer.

Expect more from your shoes, and try the H2Zero Alias.

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