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Pads - Crash Pads Upper Body

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Crash Pads Upper Body

The Bottom Line

The Crash Pads Upper Body (6000 & 6100) is like a long sleeve shirt with high-density 1/2 inch shock absorbent foam pads sewn into strategic places. The upper body pad can be worn by itself, or under other clothing - either way, it will protect your arms and body from crashes and whipeouts in any active, aggressive or extreme sport. The Crash Pads Upper Body is designed to be combined with any of the Crash Pads shorts, or it can be worn alone. It's high tech, and very comfortable.


  • Comfortable and flexible - made from Supplex Lycra for cool comfort & scored for greater flexability
  • High quality - thermal formed and flame bonded with heavy-weight, abrasion resistant fabric
  • Easy to put on and take off - the combination of a front zipper and velcro means convinience


  • No padding on the chest - the collar bones are protected, but the ribs feel exposed


  • Abrasion and impact resistant 1/2 inch thick padding
  • Comfortable and convinient full zip-up front
  • Non-resitrictive design places padding right where you need it
  • Pads are scored for greater flexibility
  • Supplex® Lycra for cool comfort and durability
  • Formed parts for elbows and shoulders add protection at high impact points
  • Adjustable kidney belt
  • Covers the back, sides, kidney area, collar bone, upper-chest, forearm, elbows & shoulders
  • Combines well with other Crash Pads shorts and pants
  • Can be worn under clothing, or as a shirt / jacket

Guide Review - Pads - Crash Pads Upper Body

When I first put the Upper Body pad on, I felt like I should either be on a SWAT team, or a super hero. It's comfortable, flexible, and best of all it does a great job of protecting you!

The Lycra fabric the Upper Body pad is made from is very cool. And by cool I mean both nifty and that it keeps your temperature down - which is important, since you will likely want to be doing a sport of some kind while wearing it! This shirt is excellent for most any active / aggressive / extreme action sport.

The Crash Pads upper is also very flexible - the pads are scored to allow the wearer total freedom of mobility. This doesn't mean that there's less protection however. The pads are strategically placed, and the shoulder and elbow sections are reinforced even more.

Which is what the whole system is about - protecting you from crashes, whipeouts, bails, whatever. The only drawback I saw was that the chest isn't padded - but the collar bones are, and there's a Velcro kidney strap that covers the gut. The ribs seems exposed, but only in the front.

The Crash Pads Upper Body is excellent for skateboarding, snowboarding, any type of biking, skiing - most any active sport. There are two styles - one with an extra tailbone shield (style 6000) and one without (style 6100). The Upper Body is designed to combine well with the Crash Pads shorts - check them out. You won't be disappointed.

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