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Bearings - Bones Super Swiss 6

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Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings

The Bottom Line

Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings (SS6) are perhaps the next evolution for skate bearings. Bones Swiss have been the bearings to have for a good long while, but the one thing that skaters wanted improved on them the most was more strength, and of course more speed. And so Bones made the Super Swiss Six, which has 6 larger balls instead of the regular 7. This makes the bearings stronger against impact, and it raises the bearing's top speed by lessening the amount the balls have to turn.


  • The balls roll less, causing less friction. This means they roll longer
  • High top speed, beacause the balls don't have to turn as fast
  • Stronger than 7 ball bearings, so they last longer


  • They cost a little more than Bones Swiss - but only a little!


  • 6 larger balls (20% larger than regular Bones Swiss) - making the bearings stronger and faster
  • Engineered with Bones skate rating system - not ABEC
  • Easy to clean, with removable non-contact rubber shield
  • Come pre-lubed with Bones Speed Cream
  • A fundamental advancement in bearing design

Guide Review - Bearings - Bones Super Swiss 6

Bones refers to these skate bearings as "fundamentally different" from regular Bones Swiss, and they aren't exaggerating. The small amount of change has proven to be more than worth it. You get all the regular Bones quality (easy to clean, fast, durable, skate-rated instead of ABEC rated), but with the new twist of higher speed and durability.

But, it is important to note that Bones Super Swiss 6 are a pretty new idea. They've done great so far, and everyone seems to be happy with them, but some people are uncomfortable with change. The sweet thing is that they don't cost much more than Bones Swiss! So, if you are a little slow to try out something new, the next time you go to buy Bones Swiss, just try out a set of Super Swiss 6 instead. You'll be glad you did.

When you do try them out, they will roll fairly fast right at the beginning, but then they sort of "break in", and then they roll REALLY fast. So look forward to that, and don't judge them right away. Also, remember to take good care of your bearings. Just because they are tough, doesn't mean you want to get them all dirty and then leave them that way. Take good care of 'em, and you'll be able to ride them long after your friend's have had to replace their cheaper bearings.

Bottom line - Bones Super Swiss 6 look like the next big ticket. Give them a try, and you won't be disappointed.

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 5 out of 5
inline, Member revblast

i bought a 16 pack of these for my inline skates.. they make them ride so much better.. to put it another way.. now my skates fly!!!they are SO MUCH FASTER THEN EVER BEFORE..no matter what type of skating you do .. these should be the bearings you choose however you should have some experence first as these bearings are very fast..

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