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Indo Mini Kicktail Ballance Trainer

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Indo Board Mini Kicktail

The Bottom Line

The Mini Kicktail is a perfect skateboarding balance trainer, but it's also very advanced. If you want to progress the way that Indo suggests, you should start with the Original Indo Board, and then work your way up - you might not have the money or patience to do this, but if you can, you'll get a lot out of the Mini Kicktail. It's plastered with warnings and skulls - it's not for beginners. But, if you take the time to learn, the Mini Kicktail can be a great tool.
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  • The deck is very similar to a regular skate deck, making the transition and application easier.
  • It's a great step up from the Kicktail.


  • The regular Indo video and the Walkabout DVD give no training or support for the Kicktail boards.


  • Dimensions: 8.75 inches x 32 inches
  • Recommended maximum weight is 140 pounds
  • This board is NOT guaranteed and will break with aggressive use
  • Mini Kick is sold as "DECK ONLY" and is meant to be ridden on the SMALL Roller
  • Good for practicing tricks and learning ballance (for caspers, shuvit 360's, manuals...)

Guide Review - Indo Mini Kicktail Ballance Trainer

The other Indo Boards look nice and inviting. Either they're natural wood, or colored with nice spirals and what not. They all say "Use at your own risk," but still, they look happy to see you. The Mini Kicktail is a little different. Along with the usual warning, there's a few skulls and crossbones, and a line that reads, "Caution: Not for beginners, use may result in injury or death"!

The Mini Kicktail is designed for serious boarders who want to ride a skate deck on the Indo roller. You may think that you could simply take one of your won skate decks and try it out, but the guys at Indo say there's more to it than that. They took 2 years of research and design to come up with the Mini Kicktail. It's a little thicker (one more ply) than a usual skate deck, but in most ways you'll feel like you're on a regular board. Except that it's on a roller, and freakishly easy to fall off of.

But that's the point. The Mini Kicktail is very useful for practicing skate tricks, and honing your balance. The board has another warning on it, saying that it can only hold up to 140 pounds. I weight about 185, and it worked ok for me, but the trick is that the board will break when you get aggressive with it. Don't worry about it, just be aware.

In all, I would say this is an excellent tool. However, to get to the point where you should be using it, you need to get at least the Original Indo. You might be able to skip right to it, but Indo suggests not. It's for advanced riders.

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