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Snowdeck - Burton Junkyard

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Burton Junkyard Snowdeck

The Bottom Line

The Burton Junkyard is a great balance between skateboard and snowboard, as long as you know what you are doing. Take it on trails, through terrain parks, off drops - the Junkyard is built to play with. However, don't plan on carving up the slopes - that's not why it's there. This is a skateboard for the snow, and as such, it can be a lot of fun. Just plan on taking a while to figure out how to use it without kicking the crud out of yourself.
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  • Great, all purpose snowdeck. Like they say, "All you need".
  • Snowdecks give you more of a skateboarding feeling than snowskates, which don't have trucks.
  • Burton sells the thick foam grip pads, so you can try using your own skate deck if you want to.


  • If you don't know how to ride a snowdeck, learning can be rough. Wear pads.
  • If you want to go down a hill, you gotta wear the ankle leash to avoid killing people downhill.


  • "All you need" design is good for anyplace you might want to ride, any time
  • Wide design for more support and strength
  • 84 cm X 12.5 cm full-steel edge subdeck
  • 7-ply 8.75” X 33” wood upperdeck
  • Standard Burton hinge truck - hinged to rock forward and back, not side to side
  • Compatable with any other Burton snowdeck components, and even skateboard decks
  • All the components for Burton Snowdecks are available separately, making customization easy

Guide Review - Snowdeck - Burton Junkyard

Ok, let me start by saying what not to do with your new Burton Snowdeck. I headed up to the nearest ski run, hopped on the chair, and then tried to ride down the hill, just to get comfortable. Yeah, that didn't work too well. Something about the icy conditions and me not knowing what I'm doing combined to form me slamming the stuffing out of myself over and over, often doing great unintentional flips and cartwheels, with the ankle-snapping jerk of the leash to finish things off as the Junkyard tried to escape my abuse.

And it was awesome. It would have been better with snow, and it was better when I used the Junkyard where it was supposed to be used, on trails and dropping off stuff. But really, it was fun no matter where I was. The box came with a card that told me that it wasn't a toy, but I sure played a lot with it.

And that's what the Junkyard is best for. The Burton Source snowdeck is built for technical and flip tricks, while the refuge is more of a simple lo-tech board. The Junkyard seems to give you the best overall experience, and is by far the best entry-level choice for getting into the sport. It cuts deep, is wide enough to ride, and light enough to take off jumps.

The draw back of course is that you need to have snow. So, if you are in a snowy area, this is the perfect winter companion for your skateboard. You might want some good water-resistant shoes to go along with your Junkyard, and DC just happens to have you covered with their H20 line.

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