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Steve Cave

Steve Cave

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Steve Cave has been teaching skateboarding for 6 years through skate clubs, books, websites and magazines.


Steve first started skating as a teenager and began, just like you, by beating himself up on the pavement. Steve has written about skateboarding for About.com for over 5 years, and has written for magazines (both in the US and internationally) and even for an encyclopedia. He volunteered with a weekly Campus Life skateboarding club for several years, and has taught one-on-one skateboarding lessons.

By Steve Cave:

My hope with this site is to provide help, suggestions and info for skateboarders - anything from trick tips to news to gear reviews, it's all here. Skateboarders of any level should find something for them on the site, but my main focus if for younger skaters, and new skaters of any age. Learning how to skate from strangers can be messy - you either get blasted with attitude and get no real help, or get help mixed with destructive habits and attitudes. Here at About Skateboarding, my goal is to provide you with the tools you need to improve your technique, provide some insight into what gear is right for you, and keep you up on skateboard news. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, anything, please e-mail me!

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