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Skate Stoppers Actually Illegal - Obvious Intent to Harm


Skate Stoppers Actually Illegal - Obvious Intent to Harm

So, I was hanging out with a lawyer buddy of mine (who shall remain anonymously "Legally Blonde").  We were walking around town and I pointed out skate stoppers (also called skater haters) on a rail and said, "Those things really bug me - not just because they stop skateboarding, but aren't they literally designed to cause injury if you skate there? Couldn't someone skate on one, get hurt, and sue the pants off of whoever put it there?"

He thought for a moment, and said, "Maybe! But don't quote me on your site!"

But he also pointed out that if someone was to read my site suggesting that, and then do it, that the defense could use that to say you did it on purpose! So... in reading my idea here, you might have ruined your chance to do it. You're welcome! But what do YOU guys think? My buddy is just a band new lawyer who hangs out with a loser skater who needs to shower more. Do YOU think my point makes sense? Do you think skate stoppers should be illegal? Post a comment below!

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