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Get a Skateboarding Job


Photo by Adam Squared - Longboard Dancing - Advanced Longboarding Tricks

Not everyone grows up to be a pro skater, but there are piles of other jobs within the skateboarding industry. For example, ESPN is looking for a "Skateboarding Correspondent" right now!

Have you been wishing you could do something in the skateboarding world? Well, there are jobs out there - and I'm going to tell you about a few places to find them.

  • Boardsportjobs.com is a nifty website that I've looked at a few times over the years - they have job listings for skate, snow, surf, the works. However, right at the moment I'm writing this, the "skate" key word comes up blank when I search it... Lame. But give it a shot - you never know what might be listed later.
  • Skateboardworks.com has a selection of job listings, but not very many. Still, if you are looking, it doesn't hurt to see what you see.
  • Malakye.com has PILES of jobs listed. This is the best skate job search website that I know of. They're the same kind of deal as boardsportjobs, with skate, snow, surf, etc., but with more jobs listed. These guys have been around for a long while - I think I first ran across them at a trade show like 5 years ago. Malakye has a good selection of skateboarding jobs - check them out.

Of course, you can also check out your local skate shops and see if they'll hire you. Or check out individual skateboard brands' websites and see if they are hiring. If you know of another place to job search in the skateboarding world, post a comment!

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