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Photo by Michael AndrusSkateparks can be awkward and uncomfortable to go to, if not downright scary for new skaters. How should you act at a skatepark? What's OK to do?

Skatepark etiquette is tricky business. Not all skaters are friendly or polite, and not all want to share thier skateparks with new skaters. But, there are a few things you can know or do that should help you to have a good experience at the skatepark, and keep you out of trouble! Read How to Act at Skateparks for some ideas. You might have some ideas of your own to add to the list - feel free to leave a comment below!

If you've skated at skateparks for a while, you'll know that loads of skaters don't follow any kinds of rules, and some are just flat out jerks! Got a story to tell? Check out the Worst Skatepark Etiquette You've Seen answer page, and tell your best story!


May 10, 2009 at 2:23 pm
(1) t-rad says:

Mind the flow:
Skateparks, ideally, have a flow to them. Before jumping on your board, take a minute to watch what people and hitting and where they are approaching it from. Take mental notes and do the same. Want to hit that ledge? Watch it for a minute and see where people are coming from and go there, wait your turn, and have fun. Whatever you do, don’t approach from five feet in front of where everyone else is waiting. It is annoying, rude, and likely to get you yelled at.

People like people who smile. It is much harder to be mean at someone who is gleefully flowing around the park. Skateboarding IS supposed to be fun, so smile and enjoy yourself. No one enjoys watching people throw hissy fits and throw their boards around. You might think it signals to everyone else that you usually can land this trick but today is a bad day, or whatever you might think, really it makes you look like an ass.

Don’t stand in the middle of the park:
This place is for skating. Want to take a break and chat? Good, go to the side where there is nothing to skate.

Don’t snake:
Wait your damn turn. If you are not sure if it is your turn, wait for one more person to go until you are sure. Dropping in on someone else is about the most disrespectful thing you can do at a park. A little bit of patience can go a long way. If you slap your tail onto the coping to drop in at the same time as another kid, be the bigger man and let him go. You just made a friend.

If you can’t kickflip it, don’t try to hardflip it:
You aren’t fooling anyone when you throw your board into a frenetic hardflip, land nowhere near your board, and throw a hissy fit about not landing. We can tell – you will never hardflip it. Don’t be embarrassed to skate within your limits. Remember, you are your only competition. Land a trick just above your level and feel like the king of the world. Landing a hardflip down three once in a million tries means very little – you’re just lucky.

If their better than you, give a little yield:
If you and another are both skating the pyramid, and you are trying to get down transfers and the other is trying to nollie cab-flip it, let the better id have a little more time on it. He goes first, simple as that. this doesn’t mean you dont get to skate it just the same, but when a timing conflict arises and you both want to approach at the same time, let him go and enjoy the sight of a beautiful trick.

Cheer for everyone:
Clearly you will cheer for the kid who lands a switch feeble tre-flip out down a 12 stair rail. But when you have been sharing a ledge with a kid who is trying to learn 50-50 grinds, and on the hundredth try he hits it, give him a cheer too. Hell, give a cheer just because you’re having a damn good time. A little encouragement goes a long way to make a stronger, more cohesive and fun skate scene, like I recall growing up. Smack your tail for each trick someone else lands and your day will be all the better.

May 10, 2009 at 2:26 pm
(2) t-rad says:

One more –
Don’t wax metal ledges. Seriously. Its metal. It slides. You don;’t need to wax it. If you’re hanging up, GO FASTER and LEAN BACK a little more.

May 19, 2009 at 9:06 am
(3) Diana says:

I’ll never forget years ago, the first time I took my kids to a skatepark. They looked scared, holding onto their boards, not sure of what to do. Thank goodness for the older skaters, that firmly (a little scary) but kindly told them what not to do. I remind them of that when a little annoying kid is snaking everyone, teach them. My advice, listen to the older skaters, donít get mad when they yell at you, listen, watch them and show some respect to the older and more experienced skaters. Youíll make friends and learn a lot. Oh and donít nag an experienced skater to do a trick for you, their there to skate, their not there for your amusement, it’s annoying.

May 31, 2009 at 12:26 am
(4) Eric Muss-Barnes says:

Nice tips. I agree with them all. Allow me to contribute some with visual aid…


October 18, 2012 at 7:57 pm
(5) Bmx rider says:

another thing is… what ever you do at a skate park… DON’T EVER… EVER, EVER CUT PEOPLE OFF!!! It pisses people off alot and if you do it once, its fine just apoligize and keep riding. Dont do it again or you will be in trouble. Iv’e learned from expericence.. i was like 14 and i cut a skateboarder off and he went ape sh** on me, I apoligized and he was okay with that. My brother went to the skate park on his scooter and went up a volcano without looking and a bmx rider came up the other side and the metal pedal went into his shoulder and almost broke his shoulder blade…. DON’T CUT PEOPLE OFF!

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