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First off, for you skaters Down Under, I know winter is just ending for you - but for people up here on the Northern half of the planet, it's starting to get colder and wetter. Last week I got an e-mail from a skater who wanted to know if it was ok to skate in winter - she was worried about the wet and the cold hurting her board and bearings.

Skating outside when it's raining isn't the best idea, but it can be done. You just might be trashing your deck and bearings. But, sometimes you just HAVE to have that fix, and sometimes the rain isn't so bad. I lived in Seattle for a long time, and really, if you didn't want to skate in the rain then you could really never skate outside! But, the rain wasn't very hard, either - more like a drizzle.

But, if you can't afford to replace parts you might break, and the rain or snow is coming down hard but you still want to skate, then GOOD FOR YOU! There's no reason to stop skating in the winter at all - you just need a little bit of creativity! For some sweet ideas, check out What Skateboarding Can I Do When It's Cold / Raining / or Snowy Outside? I believe that article gets the award for Longest Title...

For some of you, these ideas won't work. Maybe you live in the middle of the arctic circle, in a little hut with mud floors. I'm impressed that you have internet access! And that you skate at all! But the point is, if you want to put your skateboard away for the winter, read How to I Store a Skateboard for some help.


October 26, 2007 at 8:31 pm
(1) Marcs_Board_Shop says:

I am from West Virginia and it really gets cold here in the winter. We keep riding the outdoor park until it gets below 35 degrees. When it’s snowing or raining and we can’t skate outdoors, we came up with an idea that may also work in your town. Try calling the local YMCA and ask to talk to the manager or director of sports activites. Explain to him or her that you and your friends would like to know if you could use the gym or any available room to skateboard for the winter. Let the YMCA know that the local skaters in town are looking for an indoor place since the weather is too bad outside to skate. The YMCA may think this is a great idea and may also allow you to bring in a few portable ramps and a rail. Once the local kids find out there is a place to skate inside, this may be the most popular place in town to skate for the winter.

Marc’s Board Shop

October 29, 2007 at 9:45 am
(2) 123 says:

Does it matter what skate shoes I get?

November 11, 2007 at 7:46 am
(3) Rubicon Skateboards says:

Some great indoor skate parks in the UK worth checking out this Winter include Adrenaline Alley (Corby), The Boardroom (Leicester), Creation (Birmingham) and The House (Sheffield).

All of which are also destinations on the UK’s first week long residential skate camps run by Rubicon Skateboards. Open to everyone over 10 years old and who are not complete beginners, you’ll visit these and other cream of British skate parks such as the Stoke on Trent Plaza, Milton Keynes Plaza and Pioneer skate park.

2008 dates are:

february half term – mon 18th to fri 22nd (fully booked)
easter holiday (april) – mon 7th to fri 11th (available)
summer holiday (august) – mon 11th to fri 15th (available)
summer holiday (august) – mon 18th to fri 22nd (available)

Get booked on and have something really good to look forward to while it rains down this Winter. Check out http://www.skatecamp.co.uk for all the details.

Thanks. Take it easy.

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