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SkaterTrainers Pick Up Speed, Getting Seen Everywhere

Saturday March 29, 2014

You might remember my review of a crazy brilliant idea called SkaterTrainers. They're these rubber boots you put over your skateboard wheels, and they allow you to practice skateboarding tricks on your OWN skateboard, without the chance of it rolling out from under you. This works especially well for ollies...

Learning to ollie is the gateway to learning almost every other skateboard trick. And unfortunately, ollies can be very hard to learn for most skaters. Some skaters hop on the board, pop, and they're in the air! But many (like me) can spend FOREVER trying and trying and trying. If you're constantly worried about the board shooting out from under you, then you can imagine this takes even longer! Not to mention sprained wrists... hopefully JUST sprained wrists!

That's where SkaterTrainers come in. These things help immensely, and since my last post about them and the review, I've seen them popping up more and more. Today I wanted to give you a heads up about the SkaterTrainer YouTube channel, where they have videos showing these off, explaining how to use them, and an ollie instructional video. All good stuff.

Skateboarder Has Decided to Ride 8,000 Miles, Through 35 States, in 100 Days for Cancer

Saturday March 29, 2014

A skater named Mark Williams, who teaches skateboarding over at Goskate, has decided to ride 8,000 miles on his skateboard to raise money for breast cancer. His journey started in Vermont two days ago and goes on to California before returning to Maryland. He will skate about 80 miles per day in honor of his grandmother who passed away due to cancer, and to raise funds for breast cancer research. He's planning on this trip taking him 115 days, AND he plans to enter two skate contests along the way!

This takes some serious commitment! I sure hope he makes it, and that he has an incredible story to share at the end. Check out this article about him and this trip, and the list of where he's going! He's skating through 35 states, so maybe you'll see him.

New Inventive Helmet Camera Perches on a 2 Foot Arm, Provides Unique Footage

Tuesday March 11, 2014

The GoSwivel helmet mounted camera is a brand new idea - instead of just having a camera pointed foward, why not have a camera held a couple of feet away, pointed back at you? †Sound like it would look crazy? †It does! †But, it also mimicks having your own skate film crew following you around... and takes some flat out great shots and footage! †I had a chance to talk to the inventor, to find out what inspired this, how awkward it really is, and whether or not it's even safe! †Check out this preview of the GoSwivel, and interview with Clint Donaldson, the inventor!

New Years Nyjah News

Wednesday January 8, 2014
Happy New Year! After weeks of enjoying the holidays, I've surfaced with some New Year Nyjah news! CCS has welcomed Nyjah Huston to their pro team. Check out the announcement video on YouTube.

Here are a couple of other videos about the Huston CCS commercial:

  • Behind The Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxaPTHf1mvE
  • Get Set Up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuhIGL-_2Xs

2013 Skater of the Year Contest

Thursday November 28, 2013
While you sit and digest all that turkey, it's that time of year again - Thrasher has their 12 Skater of the Year finalists chosen, and now it's up for you guys to vote and decide who gets all the glory! Check out the Thrasher SOTY Voting Page to read about each skater.

You can also toss your vote in on the top skaters here at Readers Respond: The Top Best Skaters of All Time. So many opinions to have!

Nike SBís new skateboarding app will turn skateparks into real-world video games

Wednesday November 27, 2013
Nike is trying to make a new mark with a new phone app for skateboarding. "Features like multi-angle tilt-to-play video, YouTube dynamic uploading and streaming, gamification, Trick Tree, and the game of S.K.A.T.E., are all packaged in a 40-megabyte-memory footprint, leaving space for music, photos and whatever else to be stored on your phone."

So what the heck is "gamification"?! I have no idea. It sounds relatively painless... relatively...

But really, this app is promising a huge payoff. Will it measure up? That's up to you. Check out this press release from Nike for more info.

Multi-Generational Skatepark Project in Wisconsin

Tuesday November 26, 2013
The citizens of Portage, WI have been working for a long, long time to accomplish their dream of a skatepark.

"The Mission of The Portage Family Skate Park Project is to build a multi-generational Skate Park Plaza for Skateboarders of a variety of ages, skills and abilities in cooperation with the City of Portage and Kiwanis Organization. Our Skate Park Plaza will be a family friendly, safe environment for all who come to the park."

I love causes like this! Check out portageskatepark.org/ for more info. I've offered to let them use some of my articles, and am posting here to raise some awareness and encourage anyone out there who would like to, to support the project! And if you want some guidelines for building a skatepark in your town, check out this article.

Owning Your Own Ramps, Rails and Obstacles 101

Tuesday November 26, 2013

Owned by Jason, from DIYskate.comHaving your own skateboard ramps and obstacles at your home is a GREAT idea, especially as it gets colder and more rainy out - you can skate in your garage, barn, workshop or airplane hangar! Plus, you can practice all you want without having to worry about strangers getting all up in your business. However, do you know the laws in your area about owning your own ramp? Most people don't... so, I've put together a simple little article all about owning your own ramps and obstacles that should help you know how to get one, what to do with it, and how to make sure you won't get in trouble when cousin Jenkins gets on it and breaks his face. Check out Owning Skateboard Ramps and Obstacles 101. And if you have any ideas or stories to add, post a comment below!

Cheap Skater Gift Idea - Custom Griptape

Monday November 18, 2013

indygrip logoIndigrip is a company that lets you print your own custom grip tape graphics. They can make custom grip tape for longboards, too! Check out the indigrip website and see for yourself.

A sheet of custom grip tape could be a very great gift idea, and they don't cost too much. With Christmas coming up, creative and cheap ideas like this are good to have in mind!

Cold out? Why not build your own garage quarter pipe? WHY NOT??!

Wednesday November 13, 2013

Jason from DIYskate.comInstructions on building a 3 foot high quarter pipe! This ramp is good for skateboards, bikes, unicorns - anything that you might want to ride around on it with. Build a quarter pipe for your garage, and practice all winter long! You'll be amazing. And cold. Maybe amazingly cold. BUT, you will still be AMAZING!

The instructions and pics come thanks to Jason over at DIYskate - he's got LOADS of help over there. Read the 3' Quarter Pipe Building Instructions for more info.

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